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Why should I share my listing on Firebnb? Why not just leave it on Airbnb?

Sharing your listing on Firebnb gives you double the exposure and at no cost.

And among several thousands other homes available on Airbnb in big cities, having the extra exposure is an essential advantage.

Rent out your last available dates until the last minute.

If you are only using Airbnb to rent out your place, there are 6 to 7 nights per month on average that it will sit empty, depending on the season. In other words, Firebnb is an efficient way to optimize profits.

Have the best of both worlds.

When you lower your prices on Airbnb, you’re permanently excluding yourself from being able to rent at higher prices. But with Firebnb, you won’t have to settle. You can offer a lower price while still maintaining your existing one on Airbnb. By using our service along with Airbnb’s, you have nothing to lose.

Improve the traveler’s experience.

It’s safe to assume that everyone likes saving money, especially on something they were planning on buying anyway. When you lower your prices on Airbnb, the price change is never advertised on your listing. In other words, users are unable to rejoice in the fact that they just booked your place at an unusually lower cost. What’s good about that? By using Firebnb, you’re giving your guests a chance to appreciate your generosity for benefiting them with their new discounted reservation. This results in higher satisfaction for all sides.

What kind of guarantee is there that I’ll get my listing booked by sharing it on Firebnb?

In almost every case, it is more profitable to rent the remaining empty dates of your listing, even at a lower price than usual, than to not rent it at all. The price of your apartment just needs to equate to more than what it costs to rent it out (for example, the time spent managing your ad, as well as the cost of housecleaning, electricity, and heating). By sharing your listing with a special offer on Firebnb, you’ll improve its visibility and your chances of renting your last available nights.

How much does it cost to use your service?

The way we work is simple.

For example, say your listing on Airbnb costs 100€ a night, and you would like to offer 20 € off on Firebnb. Soon, once a Firebnb guest decides to reserve your place, he or she will be redirected to Airbnb and will proceed to pay the original displayed price. We will ask you to confirm the booking and send us the discounted amount (20 €).

We are commissioned 20% of the discount, which is just 4 € in this example, and the rest of the 16 € is transferred to the guest.

If you still have questions about this, feel free to get in touch with us.

Does your service involve any sort of commitment?

Nope! It literally couldn’t be any easier for hosts to use Firebnb. If you choose to share your listing on our site, it’s completely free, with no obligations. We only take our small commission off the discount once a Firebnb guest has decided to reserve your place; it’s a win-win all around.

How can I highlight my place on Firebnb with a special offer?

First, either log into your existing Firebnb account or simply create a new one.

After you’re connected, click your name at the top right to go to "my properties" or click here.

Next, click "import an Airbnb listing" and enter the URL of your Airbnb. It should be something like this: “https://www.airbnb.fr/rooms/6xxxxx5”

Our system will automatically import all the public information available on Airbnb for your post on Firebnb, like your photos, description, schedule, and price. From there, you can import another listing or begin offering discounts.

If you’re wondering why your listing isn’t immediately published on our page, it’s because we’re busy making sure it matches our standards of quality. We should get back to you in a few hours.

My place isn’t listed on Airbnb. What should I do?

Once we’ve ventured the waters on Airbnb, we may want to expand to other providers. But for the moment, we’re focusing exclusively on Airbnb listings. With over 40,000+ Airbnbs available in Paris alone, there are still many, many hosts who will want to offer their many, many listings to our many, many users. We’re hoping you’ll be one of them! You can easily create a new listing on Airbnb in 5 minutes.

How soon will my listing appear on Firebnb?

If you would like your listing to appear on our website, check to make sure you've satisfied our few simple requirements:

  • Your listing already exists on Airbnb

  • You imported your listing on Firebnb

  • You’ve shared the specific dates with specific discounted prices

  • We’ve verified your listing is the right fit for firebnb, you’ll be notified right away

How can I manage my discounts on Firebnb?

For the moment, it’s all done manually. So if you want to update the price of the discount for your room, you can log back in to adjust any night you want. We find that the greater the reduction, the greater the probability is that you’ll find someone to make a reservation.

We are working tirelessly to add useful new automatic features for Firebnb hosts (advice, push mail, automation ...). That way it will be easier to manage your listings on here with less effort.

Is there a minimum amount I will need to discount on my listing?

Yes. We found that travelers were beginning to show interest in listings that had a discount of at least 10% from the Airbnb price. So we set a minimum of a 10% reduction of the Airbnb price, or at least 10 €.

Exemple :

  • Airbnb price 100 € a night→ maximum price on firebnb € 90 (10% discount)

  • Airbnb price 50 € → maximum price firebnb € 40 (€ 10 euro discount)

I'm not sure about how much I should discount my listing. How can I decide the most profitable price?

There has already been information provided by Airbnb to help you decide this. If the curve is declining, this means that the competition is high. In that case, it’s advisable to increase the discount on your firebnb listing.

If you’ve achieved your profit targets, you may want to provide a large discount. Because in this case, any additional income is a bonus. Soon we’ll have a helpful system for you to be able to automatically manage your discounts.

How can I automate the management of my prices on Firebnb?

We’re currently perfecting a helpful tool that’ll allow you to automatically manage your prices, saving you time and effort. We will notify you as soon as it is ready.

What will happen to my Firebnb listing if I happen to change my prices on Airbnb?

When you add a reduced price on firebnb, it doesn’t change.

When you increase your prices on Airbnb, the reduction will be greater on firebnb. Also, if you lower your price Airbnb, your discount on Firebnb will be lower. The reduction will no longer appear on the site once it’s dropped below € 10 or 10%.

If I wrote the wrong price on Firebnb and a traveler has reserved my place at that price, what will happen?

You're responsible for managing your prices on Firebnb, which means you're responsible for reimbursing your guests with their promised reduction. However, we may make exceptions on a case by case basis.

Is my place insured?

Since the reservation and the payment are made directly on Airbnb, both parties, the guests and the hosts, will be benefiting from their insurance throughout the term of the lease.

Can I ask for an additional deposit from guests on Firebnb?

Firebnb is here to bring your listing more exposure and to give you the opportunity to offer exclusive discounts to improve the likelihood that you’ll rent your place for more nights. The rest is done on Airbnb, including the reservation and the payment, so if you want to add a deposit, you can do so on your Airbnb listing.

Do I benefit from customer support service?

Since the reservation and payment are made on Airbnb, you’re able to benefit from their customer support service. In addition, we’re also at your service if you ever need some help.

I'm not sure about the whole reservation process on Firebnb. How does it work?

We’ll clear things up for you in 4 steps. 1. A traveler browses on Firebnb and chooses to reserve your listing.

  1. The traveler is redirected to your listing on Airbnb. You’ll have the choice to accept or refuse the guest as usual. If accepted, he or she will pay the displayed price on Airbnb without the discount.

  2. The guest will send us his or her booking receipt, which we will forward to you for confirmation.

  3. Once everything is confirmed, you can send us the difference after the discount. For example, if your listing on Firebnb is 20 € cheaper than your price on Airbnb, you will send us the 20 €.

Currently, we’re using Paypal for all money transactions. It’s free, reliable, and easy to use. See more info on Paypal here. That’s it!

How will I know if someone booked my listing through Firebnb?

When a Firebnb user makes a reservation, they will send us their booking receipt, which we will then send to you. From there, we will ask you to verify the reservation and send us the discount.

Are there any risks of different guests on both Firebnb and Airbnb booking the same night on my listing?

No, since your listing is booked through Airbnb, it’s impossible for another Airbnb user to think that those same nights would be available.

When and how am I meant to send you the discount?

We’re working on a handy tool that’ll allow you to make automatic payments, but for now it’s manually done. Once we send you the booking confirmation, we’ll ask you to pay using Paypal or you credit card. You’ll have 7 days to send us the discount.

What will happen if I cancel the reservation of a traveler passing through firebnb?

If the reservation is canceled on Airbnb, you are not required to repay us the amount of the reduction, given that the traveler does not dwell with you. Thank you for keeping us informed as soon as possible of this fact. You can not be canceled directly on firebnb, you must go through Airbnb.

Will I receive a receipt of my payments and transactions?

Of course. After we've received your payment, we'll send you an email with the total amount paid as well as detailed receipts of the following:

  1. The cashback given to the Firebnb guest
  2. Our commission
  3. The VAT/taxes Soon you’ll have access to all your important documents directly on our website, but for now you can expect to receive an email.

What kind of taxes are mandatory with your service?

Generally, cashback isn’t subject to any taxes/VAT, but the commission fee is. However, each country is subject to its own taxes. You can refer to it for applicable rules, or seek the advice of a tax consultant.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes it is available in the footer of the home page of our website.

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