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Enhance your listings exposure

It's better to be on many platforms than only on one.

A free additional presence on Firebnb allows you to increase chances of renting your listing.

Make your listing sexy!

If you lower your price on Airbnb from 100€ to 70€, no one will know you offered a discount.

Unlike other platforms, Firebnb highlights the discount that you consent and allows travelers to realize your listing's real value.

Have it both ways!

If you lower your price on Airbnb from 100€ to 70€, you annihilate your chances of renting your listing 100€.

Firebnb offers you the opportunity to rent your listing at full price.

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Firebnb does not ask hosts any fee


You are free to leave whenever you want


You create and set your listing in 3 minutes


You can sleep tight, we provide great insurance for your listings.

How it works

We create a clone of your listing by importing your Airbnb data.

You set your minimum price, your discounts and when they go on.

They talk about us.

Real humans answer your questions

Contact us, our team will answer your questions and help you for your booking. 7 days a week.

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